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Do you ever feel like you’re banging your head against the wall over and over (and over)? Are you ready to take the first steps necessary to creating the life and business that you REALLY want? diverse-women-in-business

The First Lady Lifestyle Jump Start Your Success Private Coaching Session will get you started down the path toward success by helping you to create a strategy for achieving success with a focus on one specific area of your life. This introductory program is offered to first-time clients only.

Develop Your Individualized Life Success Strategy With Frantonia..

If you have a problem area in your life or business, Frantonia will help you cut through the clutter and look at things with fresh eyes. She will help you to eliminate the guess work and gain clarity around the life and work that your soul is calling you to and help you design a specific strategic plan of action to solve your problems and increase your bottom line. With Frantonia’s techniques, you’ll get there much faster than you would ever be able to do on your own.

First Lady Lifestyle
Jump Start Your Success Coaching Session

During this one-time, 60 minute coaching session, you’ll experience:

  • Strategy Session Preparation Training Video:  In this training, Frantonia will guide you in setting the intention and the tone for future coaching sessions. This ensures that you are thoroughly prepared to get absolutely everything you desire out of our time together.
  • Strategy Session Preparation Work: Clarify your specific needs and your goals to help ensure you’re fully prepared and focused prior to your coaching session. After all, the more prepared you are, the more I can cover with you in your session! I will personally review all pre-work to prepare for your strategy session.
  • One 60-minute Private Strategic Jump Start coaching session: Need a mindset breakthrough?  A Life Purpose Success plan? Or help standing in your power? Get ready for your POWERFUL breakthrough, as you meet with Frantonia to create a concise strategy so you can be confident in the actions you are taking to create immediate success in your life & business.  

And Then There’s More…

Tell you what. If you purchase The First Lady Lifestyle Jump Start Your Success Coaching Session now, I’ll throw in some USEFUL bonuses (that I have personally created that complement this powerful coaching experience so that you can get clear on the direction of your life and business.

Digital Recordings & Notes:

  • After your session, you’ll receive notes and the mp3 recording of your coaching session so that you can listen to it as often as you’d like. You will also receive notes with your specific action items.

7 Day Support/Results eCourse

  • …(to be completed within 7 days of Breakthrough Session) At The First Lady Lifestyle & Leadership Academy, we believe that proper coaching is all about yielding real RESULTS; so this 7 Day Support/Results is designed to provide additional support, help you to identify how your implementation has paid off AND to celebrate the results that you’ve created. 

puzzle piecesBy the end of the First Lady Lifestyle Jump Start Your Success Coaching Session,  you will have clarity, a personalized, step-by-step action plan and the tools you need to help you step boldly into your purpose-filled future.

What an incredible value!!

The value I’m offering you today for my First Lady Lifestyle Jump Start Your Success, Private Coaching Session along with all the bonuses is really a no-brainer. The normal investment for this 1:1 private coaching experience is $397. But if you are one of the FIRST 3 PEOPLE to purchase today, I AM offering a “First Lady” fast start scholarship of $300 OFF, bringing your investment down to only $97 – which I’m sure you’d agree is a “no excuses” steal.

So go ahead and Click the Add To Cart button below to register for your First Lady Lifestyle Jump Start Your Success Coaching Session.


Only $97


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“I Trust Your Work and Your Intentions Fully!!”

You have proven time and time again that you are true to helping others achieve personal growth…. I trust your work and your intentions fully!!  I can see the outcomes of my participation and its looking rather marvelous. I’ve released a lot just since our 30 minute session. Thank you so much for your love and dedication to assisting others and for being obedient to your desire. Much Light sis..

Tiffany Michelle’ Carr
Author – Publisher

“Working with Frantonia has opened me up to a brand new world of self-love and acceptance”

“Working with Frantonia has allowed me to start creating the life that I used to wistfully dream about. What I didn’t fully understand was that I had longstanding negative beliefs and judgements about “strong women”, and that I was holding myself back from being the powerful woman that I naturally am.

One of those judgments was around body image, beauty and sensuality….for most of my 47 years I’ve been ashamed of my body and its desires. Working with Frantonia has opened me up to a brand new world of self- love and acceptance.

With her guidance, I’ve been able to shed many of my insecurities while deepening the sacred bond I have with my husband. Where I used to experience embarrassment and self-loathing, I’ve now begun enjoying the pleasures my body has to offer.

Even if you’re a timid soul like me, I encourage you to reach out to Frantonia. I’ve never met a person that is as understanding and encouraging about such sensitive and intimate topics as body love and sexuality as she is.

I can honestly say that I’m an entirely new woman than I was 6 short months ago prior to working with her, and I continually thank my lucky stars for discovering her. Frantonia is a gifted coach that you’ll never ever regret working with.”

Laura B
Color Consultant

“Frantonia has a certain ability to cut through the BS and stand for women..”

When I first met with Frantonia she was helping me with the task of naming my proprietary system. After just 30 minutes she named each step and the name of the system which is a product I still use to this day. And that is not all she is great at.

Frantonia has a certain ability to cut through the BS in the most loving way and stand for women in a way that may have never been able to stand for themselves. She is a woman I both admire and appreciate for her many gifts including women empowerment, business coaching/consulting and overall personal development to help you live an incredible life.

– Michelle Hasite
President/Founder – Total Body Health Solutions
As Seen In Shape Magazine

“Frantonia knows just the right questions to ask…”

Frantonia has great clarity and creativity when it comes to business direction and knows just the right questions to ask you to get you to make the most powerful moves in your business. I highly recommend Frantonia for anyone looking to make bold empowered changes in their business. 

-Sarah Martin
Integrative Healing with Sarah Martin 

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Only $97


All Major Credit Card, Paypal Accepted 


Who is Dr. Frantonia Pollins?

The unapologetic voice for feminine leadership and entrepreneurial success; Dr. Frantonia Pollins is one of the most highly requested and thought-provoking speakers and transformational coaches in the industry.

A once homeless, single mom, struggling to make ends meet, Frantonia transformed her life by creating a Signature Success System, and went from zero clients to six figures in less than 1 year.

As CEO of The Million-Heir Group – a “human potential” development and entrepreneurial training firm, she has a “soul-deep” commitment to her #BigMission called #100Empires where she plans to personally mentor 100 Extraordinary Women Entrepreneurs (and a few really cool men) to grow their businesses to $100,000 and beyond, by August 15, 2018 – her 50th birthday.

Dr. Pollins believes that when entrepreneurs build businesses that produce solid financial results, we can leave a Multi-Generational Legacy of Wealth that’ll transform the world.


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