90 Day Empowerment Breakthrough
Private Coaching Experience


Feel like you’re banging your head against the wall over and over (and over … and over …)? Ready to take the first steps necessary to creating the life that you truly desire? The Empowerment Breakthrough Experience will get you started down the path toward success by helping you create a strategic Life Success Plan for the most pressing areas of your life. This coaching program is available to a small number of hand-selected women who are “RIGHT NOW READY” to experience their personal breakthrough.

If you have a problem area in your life that is affecting your overall sense of fulfillment, I will help you cut through the clutter and look at things with fresh eyes. My job is to help you eliminate the guess work out of what you should be doing and help you design a specific strategy to solve your specif problem. And, you’ll get there much faster than you would ever be able to do on your own.

During this 90 Day intensive program, we will meet 12 (twelve) times over the next 3 (three) months by phone or video conference; here’s the breakdown:

  • One 30 Minute Strategy Session Preparation Meeting: Meet with Frantonia by phone or video conference to set the intention and the tone for future sessions. This ensures that you are thoroughly prepared to get absolutely everything you desire out of our time together.
  • Strategy Session Preparation Homework: Clarify your specific needs and your top 3 goals to help ensure you’re fully prepared and focused prior to starting your coaching sessions. After all, the more prepared you are, the more I can cover with you in your sessions! I will personally review all pre-work to prepare for your strategy session.

8 (eight) – 1 HR Focused Empowerment Sessions: (3 times per month)

Sessions 1 & 2: Explore – Discover – Assess
Need a mindset breakthrough?  A Life Success plan? Or help standing in your power? Get ready for your POWERFUL BREAKTHROUGH, as you meet with Frantonia to clarify your specific needs and your goals so we can create a concise strategy so you can be confident that the actions you are taking will create success in your life. This is where we examine and explore by taking a deep dive into discovering the hidden blocks that have stood in the way of your success. 
Session 3: Break down
This session will focus on helping you to identify longstanding patterns and beliefs that have kept you stuck in fear, doubt and worry. This is where we begin the process of getting out of breakdown and on the way to your breakthrough!
Session 4: Breakthrough
This session will focus on helping you to identify the deep seated core wounds that must be healed in order for your to gain spiritual and emotional clarity necessary to breakthrough the barrier that stand in the way of your breaking free!
Session 5: Break FREE!!
This session will focus on helping you to identify with precise clarity what the life of your dreams really looks like.
Sessions 6 & 7: Your Strategic Success Action Plan
You and I will partner to create your very own personal blueprint for success. During this session, our shared goal is to:

  • create increased confidence
  • develop a heightened awareness of how to maximize your existing talents, skills and abilities
  • to create positive, lasting change,
  • Break through limiting assumptions and thinking to explore new perspectives to achieve tangible, measurable results, and gain sustainable success in all areas of your life. We will use my proven “Phenomenal Life Formula™” to create a customized, step-by-step, strategic “Phenomenal Life Action Plan™” for each area of your life.

Session 8: Celebration – Declaration – Celebration
This private  session  will focus on helping you to create an INTENTIONAL system for celebrating and publicly declaring your achievements and success. 

Three 45-Minute Implementation calls (1 per month)
This is where you meet with Frantonia (via phone or video conference) to G.S.D. (Get Sh*t Done!!) When you coach with Frantonia, you don’t get to just talk about it, you MUST be about it. In other words,  in order to see and celebrate the results, you have to DO THE WORK!!  These calls are purely about the implementation of appropriate tasks and action steps to ensure that you maximize your desired results. 

  • Just in time Coaching & Access to Frantonia: Private email access to Frantonia to get your questions answered, report any challenges or successes and track toward your success.
  • Coaching pre-work forms: To help ensure you’re fully prepared and focused on your goals before your coaching session. After all, the more prepared you are, the more I can cover with you in your session!
  • Digital Recordings & Notes: After your session, you’ll receive notes and the mp3 recording with your specific action items. (Digital recordings available with phone sessions only)


    *(Normal Investment $4,997)

    90 Day Empowerment Breakthrough
    Private Coaching Experience

    5 Payments of 
    (Billed Every 14 Days)


    *(Normal Investment $4,997)

    90 Day Empowerment Breakthrough
    Private Coaching Experience

    One Time Payment